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Here at SFP we have many options for everyone from beginner to advanced and young and old. Book a private party for you and your friends or mix it up with other players. you can come and play by yourself or large groups. Whatever you need we can help!

           PRIVATE GAMES

Private games require a minimum of 10 players. Basic package starts at $39.99 per player.

This includes a gun, goggles, unlimited air fills and 200 standard paintballs. Your group gets up to 2 hours of private play time. Players can choose to use the .50 cal or .68 caliber. We also offer kids 2hr private games which require 8 players to book and use the Gotcha and .50 low impact guns. Click for more info.


This game is great for beginners looking to play .68 caliber paintball. Only standard semi-auto guns are allowed so no need to worry about going up against a player shooting 12 balls a second at you! Suitable for ages 12 and up. No need to have a large group as you will be playing with everyone who signs up that day. This type of game is scheduled for almost every Sat from late April until Sept.  Guns have a F.P.S. (Feet per second) limit of 275. Price is $29.99 per player and include gun, goggles, unlimited air and 200 paintballs. Click the events tab for dates. Size is limited so players must purchase tickets in advance



This game uses semi-auto .50 cal mechanical paintball guns which are perfect for ages 10 to adult. This is a great option for parents who have kids that want to try paintball! The .50 cal paintballs hit with over 40% less force then the standard .68 cal paintballs. This is a great game for parents to play with the kiddos! No need for large groups as we create teams that day. Price is $24.99 per player and includes gun, goggles, unlimited air and 200 paintballs.. Game size is limited . Players must purchase tickets in advance. Players must use Special Forces equipment only. No outside markers allowed!



This game uses semi-auto .68 cal mechanical paintball guns which are perfect for ages 12 to adult. This is a longer version of our S.A.M. game for the same price! Big maps are used and big battles! Only $29.99 with free gun rental. Players must register in advance for this game. Check the events page for the next game!

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