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           .68 CALIBER GAME

The .68 caliber game is for the groups looking for the most intense game we offer. We require at least 10 players to book this game and your group gets 2 hours of private play and if you have 15 or more you get 3 hours. If your group has 15 or more we will play our famous D-day game which uses real boats! This game can be scheduled Thur thru Sunday.

      $39.99 per player

(basic package includes gun goggles unlimited air and 200 paintballs)

upgrades available

Ages 12-Adult

            .50 CAL LOW IMPACT


The .50 cal low impact private party includes everything for 8 players to play two hours of private action! Package includes guns goggles and400 paintballs for each player. The B-day boy or girl also gets a free gift  to take home. Free private picnic area is free to use if requested. .50 cal low impact is perfect for groups that want to try paintball without the impact of the .68 caliber. 


First 8 players included

$29.99 for each additional

player. Additional players get 400 paintballs each.

Ages 10-Adult

            SURGE! GEL CAPS

The Surge! low impact private party includes everything for 6 players to play for 2 hours of private fun. Package includes gun goggles unlimites gel caps for the group. The B-day boy or girl also gets a free gift to take home! Groups can request free use of a private picnic area and a gas grill if needed. Kids will be picked up in our authentic military trucks and driven to and from the parking area. 


First six players included

$29.99 for each additional player. 

Ages 7-9

(Parents and older siblings can also play!)


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